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Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies Inc., is one of the world’s leading technology companies, having evolved from a PC manufacturer in the 1980s into a broad-based technology solutions and services provider. As of 2023, the company ranked 34th on the Fortune 500 list with over $100 billion in annual sales.

Dell Technologies: Ireland Overview 

With approximately 4,500 team members working in global and regional functions, Dell Technologies has a strategic presence in Ireland. 

Dell’s three campuses in Cork, Limerick, and Dublin have become a global hubs for Sales, Services, Centres of Excellence Solutions Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Operations, Engineering, IT and Finance. These multifunctional hubs have scaled, evolved, and transformed over Dell’s more than 30 year partnership with Ireland.

Since 2019 Dell have invested in the build out of “Customer Solutions Centres” to provide proof-of-concept testing allowing multi-industry customers to validate new technologies and solutions across AI, 5G and the Internet of Things. Dell Limerick was the first Dell Technologies site globally to be awarded this investment and developed the template now in use across 14 Solution Centres globally. 

The Cherrywood campus serves the EMEA market in sales, services, marketing, finance, business support. This campus is also home to Dell’s Inside ProSupport Briefing Centre, focused on leveraging AI, AR, and Machine Learning in providing support for critical IT systems. The European headquarters for Dell Financial Services, including a fully regulated bank, is also based in Cherrywood.

Continuing investment in Irish operations

Dell has made a number of recent investments that further reinforce Ireland’s position as a strategic location for Dell globally. Dell invested €2 million in redeveloping its Customer Solution Centre (CSC) in Cork; and the recent expansion of the CSC Innovation Lab in Limerick enables customers and partners to harness data at the edge. Dell also invested €2m to create the company’s only Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab outside the US in Cork. This facility, opened in 2023, provides a 5G innovation testbed for telecoms and technology leaders across the EMEA region. 

How Ireland Helps Dell

  • Company presence in Ireland dates to 1990 – more than three decades
  • Dell Technologies employs close to 4,500 people in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick
  • Irish operations are at the core of Dell Technologies global business supporting key functions
  • Dell is one of Ireland’s largest multinational employers and operates in over 40 languages 

Dell Technologies Ireland
Dell Technologies Ireland
Launch of Dell's Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab
Launch of Dell's Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab
Mary Buckley, Executive Director, IDA Ireland
Mary Buckley, Executive Director, IDA Ireland
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Ireland has evolved and has established itself as a global digital leader. You’ve got a young and highly educated population and Ireland is a natural bridge between North America and Europe, and it helps us take care of our customers on both sides of the Atlantic. And of course serve the 500 million people in the EU from our Irish operations.

Michael Dell
CEO, Dell Technologies
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