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IDA Energy Supports

The Irish Government has put in place several supports to help businesses operating in Ireland mitigate the impact of the severe increase in energy prices being experienced in Europe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Multinational companies within IDA Ireland’s client portfolio can access range of schemes, find out more by clicking the link entitled "IDA Energy Supports".

IDA Energy Supports

IDA Energy Supports

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Supporting your investment

We support your investments financially as part of our partnership with you. Our independent Board of Directors meets every month to make decisions on supporting company investments, in strict compliance with EU state aid rules, so you get responsive help and rapid decision-making.

€100m annual grant programme for supporting investment projects.
Scale of grant support dependent on company size and investment impact

Supporting research and innovation

RD&I is the largest proportion of IDA's grant funding programme. We offer a wide range of supports, including tax incentives and collaborative funding, to help your RD&I activity in Ireland. We also provide direct assistance for exploratory work ahead of longer-term R&D programmes.

25% tax credit on eligible RD&I activity
Claimable on revenue and capital expenditure incurred in carrying out qualifying R&D

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Training and upskilling

Skilled people at all levels are essential to your company’s evolution, whether through increasing productivity, creating new products, enhancing the leadership team’s strategic potential, evolving the business functions at your Irish site, or building innovation capability in your business.

Grant aid available for in-house bespoke training and management mentoring
Wide range of programmes to cater for company size and staff skill needs

Transform your operations

Thinking about enhancing your operations in Ireland? We have supports available to help you avail of tools and techniques that can unlock innovation in the way you do business today - giving you the springboard to stay sustainable into the future

Outcome-based support options available with significant assistance
Lean programme helps in finding creative solutions to enhance competitiveness

Strengthening your sustainability

Sustainability is everyone’s business. Our ‘Go Green’ offers encourage you to adopt sustainable practices that help you enhance your environmental performance, manage your resources efficiently, achieve cost savings and improve your customers’ perception.

Three-part offer ranges from initial assessment to renewable energy technologies
IDA Ireland will cover a percentage of costs towards sustainability programmes

IDA 'Go Green' Offer

IDA 'Go Green' Offer