The Engineering industry in Ireland is strong and vibrant. It supports a very broad range of companies in various fields and is a strong contributor to Irish exports. 


The rapidly growing pressure to conserve energy and reduce the impact on the environment is driving an increased demand for engineering expertise to develop new techniques, materials and design. 

Medical Devices

Ireland has been highly successful in developing as an internationally renowned centre for medical technology. Highly skilled engineering is a critical facet of this success.

Bio Medical

The application of engineering principles and design concepts to diagnostic and therapeutic medicine is steadily advancing as Ireland’s growth in the Bio Medical sphere continues to rise.


Ireland has a high concentration of ICT activity and is home to many of the world’s leading technology companies. This presence is supported by essential engineering needs, which help companies produce leading-edge products and services.


Seven of the top 10 Industrial Automation companies have operations in Ireland, including Siemens, ABB, and Emerson. Engineering is an essential element supporting this increasingly important sector.


The EU’s commitment to drastically reduce greenhouse emissions by 2050 has also seen Ireland develop as a hotbed for energy efficiency development.


The Engineering sector employs over 18,500 people directly and many companies have a long established base in Ireland. For example, the large German equipment manufacturer Liebherr set up its facility here in 1958. The synthetic diamond manufacturer Element Six is in Ireland since 1962. Industrial engineering firm Sulzer arrived in 1972. While ThermoKing, the manufacturer of transport temperature control systems, has been operating in Ireland since 1976.

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