Cloud Computing Companies in Ireland


This Irish government has developed a comprehensive strategic approach to develop the sector in recognition of Ireland’s potential to become a world leader in Cloud Computing. This focus has already attracted world leaders, such as EMC, Citrix and Dropbox.

Skill Levels

This rapidly developing sector is not only benefiting from Ireland’s highly skilled ICT workforce, but also from the newly developed Cloud Computing masters degrees being offered in several universities and third-level institutions throughout Ireland. These courses have been created in association with industry partners, including EMC, HP and IBM.


Ireland’s incredibly strong ICT sector is underpinned by its young, English-speaking, highly educated, tech savvy and flexible workforce. Remarkably, 45% of Irish people aged between 23 and 34 have completed third-level education with a high proportion specialising in IT.

Cloud R&D

Cloud R&D

The Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4) is focused on developing an internationally recognised industry-led centre of excellence for innovation and applied research. An industry panel, including Intel, IBM and Microsoft, guides its activities. Cloud R&D centres have also been developed by US technology companies, including Dell, HP, IBM and EMC.


Ireland has been progressively developing a strong ecosystem based around a cluster of major ICT brands. This base has provided the platform for Ireland to utilise its key attributes to rapidly develop global potential in the Cloud sector.

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